Hedgehog Dryer Buddies | Kikkerland

I never felt the need to add dryer balls to my laundry loads until I saw this fantastic design by New York manufacturer, Kikkerland. As you know, Steven and I are hedgehog people, so we decided to buy them to add to our collection of hedgehog paraphernalia. But after using them a few times, we noticed a positive difference in our laundry routine. And now we're buying a second set in order to do two drying loads at once. 

The science behind the dryer ball is that it's spiked (like a hedgehog) and is weighted enough to push around the wet clothing in your dryer around enough to separate fabrics from each other, making the drying process faster and creating less static. And it really works. This saves you on your power bill if you own your own machine, and saves you laundry quarters if you live in an apartment. All for just $8 a set. All I suggest is that you use two per load and not separate them for two loads of laundry. It doesn't work as well with just one. They need to stick together. That's what makes them buddies. If you tend to do two drying loads at a time, buy two sets.

You may have seen these for $14 at your local overpriced boutique. But buy it straight from the maker at Kikkerland's site and it will cut your cost in half. They can sometimes be found for less on Amazon, but Kikkerland has free US shipping, so it's all the same.