Gray Tur Laundry Bin | Aquanova

When we moved into our new apartment, I was on the hunt for a hamper that would go with our decor, elevate the look of the room, hold a decent amount of clothing and be light and easy to carry around. This was one of the few I found...and we love it. It's beautiful, it's got a nice round opening for us to toss clothing into from across the room, it's got sturdy handles, you have the ability to tie the top off to close it, as seen in the photos. Plus you can remove the lining, making it easy to take the laundry without the whole hamper if you need to, and giving you an opportunity to easily wash the lining so your hamper itself never stinks. 


If you have children, are a gym rat or just have a lifestyle that requires you to do laundry several times a week, I do not recommend this hamper. It is technically collapsible and stands due to 4 long stilts on the inside that you velcro into the hamper. The velcro tends to come undone if the hamper is handled roughly and you will have to spend some time putting it back together. It's not the best design, but the rest of the hamper is great quality, so you won't have any damage, just slight inconvenience. It's not annoying to me because we do laundry every 10 days or so, but I don't see someone doing laundry daily being too thrilled about this.