Minimalistic Pill Boxes | Port and Polish

As you may have seen in my recent Mother's Day post, I have fallen in love with these adorable pill cases from startup Port and Polish. This small company specializes in just this design of the most classy and minimalist pill boxes on the market, and you can tell by the fact that so much thought has been put into them. The have huge compartments for each day of the week, making it easy to fit all your medication in, the inside is lined with a mirror for makeup touch ups and the closures for each compartment can easily (but not too easily) be removed for easy cleaning. They come in Classic Black, Navy Blue, Blush Pink, Crisp White and Charcoal Gray. They're $15 each, but if you purchase three, you get $5 off your purchase.

I bought the pink one for my grandma, black for me for everyday vitamins and charcoal gray for Steven and my headache and allergy medication backstock while traveling. We have decided to simply use a label maker to label over the days of the week to mark what type of medication we're storing in each compartment.

These really are a stylish lifesaver and worth every penny.