Our Valentine's Day 2018 Celebration

Yesterday Steven and I celebrated our second Valentine's Day together, surprising each other with gifts that imply that we'll be going on plenty of adventures in the near future. This upcoming weekend we'll be continuing our celebration by visiting San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. Be on the lookout for a follow-up blogpost.



On our lunch breaks yesterday, he and I both had the bright idea to get each other flowers.


Steven got me this incredible bouquet. I couldn't have imagined anything more elaborate.


And to celebrate this being our second anniversary together, I got him two red roses as well. Surprisingly I was the only woman at the flower mart and people were staring at me the entire time. I don't understand why we ladies don't get guys flowers as well! It's a symbol of love on this day, after all.





Above is a mixture of our two presents for each other. Steven's present to me is on the left, and mine for him is on the right. I realize that this must be extremely confusing to look at with no context, so let me explain


My gift to him



Cooler bag

Designed by canway

I displayed my gift to him in this nifty cooler bag and filled it with the rest of his gifts and a case of beer. We've been meaning to go on more road trips, hikes and trips to the park, and I felt that this chic, spacious and waterproof cooler would be the perfect addition to our collection of travel gear.

Available for purchase here


The Kachula

The ultimate adventure blanket by coalatree

One of the items in the cooler bag was the infamous Adventure Blanket by Coalatree. The Kachula is known for being light-weight, waterproof, sandproof and full of storage to hide your cell phone at the beach. It also can be converted into a poncho for those who would find use in that. After doing much research into the Adventure Blanket market, this seemed like a ridiculously good pick.

Available for purchase here. Other patterns and colors available 




This was the exact sight I came home to yesterday after work. As you may or may not know, Steven and I own a few stuffed animal (that includes his childhood stuffed bear) and we use them to symbolize different events in our lives. And there they were next to my bouquet of roses, with one wearing a Mickey hat, and one a Minnie hat. And that's when I was surprised to find out that it symbolized that we're going back to Disneyland!

Steven knows that Disneyland has been one of my favorite vacation spots since I was a kid. And with him getting comfortable on rollercoasters from our last visit in October, he is all ready to go once again. This was such an incredible Valentine's Day gift. It's one that will keep me excited until our trip, and dazzled during it. Thanks so much Steven for a wonderful surprise and something amazing to look forward to!


dinner at blueplate

the custom valentine's day menu

For dinner, we decided on a reservation at Blue Plate in Bernal Heights. This restaurant has excellent Yelp reviews and we can see why. We were seated quickly, the staff was incredibly polite and attentive, and as you can see the food was divine. We ordered from the custom Valentine's Day menu, with wine pairings as well, and we can truly say there was something for everyone on it. We're excited to visit this place in the future and try out items from their daily menu!


Dungeness crab on garlic toast



Tuna Tartare

instasize_180215115316 (1).png


Seared scallops



Fried chicken with macaroni salad



chocolate cake with mascarpone



And of course, no Valentine's Day dinner would be complete without me looking across the table to see this face. Thank you Steven for a wonderful day. Here's to all of our upcoming adventures! Cheers everyone and thanks so much for reading! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day