5 years worth of photos with the queens of The Golden Girls Drag Show

This photo is property of The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes

This photo is property of The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes

With yesterday being the finale performance of The Golden Girls : The Christmas Episodes, I decided to go back through my albums to collect my photos with the girls themselves from the last five years.

If you're not quite sure what I'm talking about, let me break it down for you.

The Golden Girls was a beloved and iconic Emmy Award-winning television show from back in the 80s about four women in their golden years (three widowed and one divorced) rooming together in Miami Florida. As they go through the typical trials and tribulations of the people in their age group, they learn a lot about the world around them and strengthen their friendship through the thick and thin over gossip and cheesecake. The show starred Beatrice Arthur of Maude fame, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.

For over a decade, San Francisco has celebrated everyone's collective love of the girls with an unforgettable Christmas-themed stage production of some infamous episodes. The twist? The girls are all played by local drag talent! And as someone who's attended five years in a row, I must say it establishes Christmas time in the city as the most wonderful time of the year.

The stage show stars its creator, and producer of the infamous local drag revue Mother at SF Oasis, Heklina as the sarcastic and smart Dorothy Zbornak, show co-producer D'Arcy Drollinger as the ditzy and charming Rose Nylund, Max Martin as the insatiable Blanche Devereaux and Holotta Tymes as the witty and street-smart Sophia Petrillo. 

Check out their fantastic 2017 show advertisement below!

Every year at the end of each showing, it's tradition that attendees line up to get photos with The Golden Girls with the set of their iconic home in the background. Besides Christmas caroling, delicious shots being sold in the aisles and of course, an amazing time, this photo is one of those things you're absolutely guaranteed with each show. 

It is the perfect source of entertainment for anyone who loves the art of drag and anyone who adores The Golden Girls. The roles are performed with a clear love for the source material, and it's truly a joy to sit in an audience filled with people who feel the same nostalgia when "Thank You For Being a Friend" starts playing.

Now let's venture through my five years of seeing this production, starting with my first viewing in 2013.


Christmas 2013


My good friend Mike attended with me my first year seeing the show. He owns every season of the show on DVD and knows the show by heart. So it's a blast to be there with a fellow fanatic.


Christmas 2014


This was last year that Pollo Del Mar played Rose and that the late great Cookie Dough played Sophia before her sudden passing. It was always a privilege to witness her talent and enthusiasm of the role.


Christmas 2015


This marks the first year that Holotta Tymes filled the role of Sophia, and D'Arcy Drollinger, the role of Rose.


Christmas 2016


Check out how gorgeous the set looks!


My friend Olivia clearly knows what to do in the event of a photo op. This is precisely why she's my favorite person to share cheesecake with.


Christmas 2017


I love this photo for so many reasons. This was the year that Mike and I brought our boyfriends to attend the show with us. Needless to say, it was an awesome activity for a double date!

I definitely recommend this show for any of you looking for something fun to do next holiday season. It's my favorite thing to look forward to in the city around Christmas because it isn't afraid to have holiday spirit, it gives me nostalgic chills big time, and it's put on by a group of people who truly love what they're doing and want to share some good feelings and metaphorical cheesecake with you. If you'd like updates on other upcoming drag shows at Oasis and to be notified next year of ticket sales for The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes, make sure to like Heklina on Facebook

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