Vitruvi's Essential Oil Diffuser Review | Peak Millennial


Look who’s getting back on YouTube? I’m excited to announce that the first episode of my new series Peak Millennial is here.

Peak Millennial is my new series where I test out and review luxury, viral and/or unique products and services marketed towards millennials. This curiosity of mine has stemmed from living in San Francisco my entire adult life and witnessing first hand the speed and frequency in which products and services develop that claim to make our lives better. These days, advertisers find that the lifestyle products that really speak to the modern young adult are those that are innovative, modern, environmentally or socially responsible and possess qualities that make life easier and more luxurious. But that doesn't always mean that every product being advertised to us in that light is legitimate or worth the price. With this series, I hope to explore these products and decide for myself if I think they are "Peak Millennial" meaning a high quality product that reflects the values of the millennial consumer, or if they're just a gimmick.

This series is by no means me stating that I think I am peak millennial or that one has to buy any of the products I review to be the best version of themselves. It is merely my personal take on products that people around me have remarked are so quintessentially millennial.

This first episode is a review is the ultra chic and minimalistic Vitruvi essential oil diffuser, and some of Vitruvi’s essential oil blends. For months and months now I have seen Instagram ads for Vitruvi, and knew I had to have one once I found it came in charcoal gray. And now that I’ve been using it for a couple of months in our new apartment, I have a lot to say. I’ll be going over pretty much anything you need to know about Vitruvi from the company history, to my buying and user experience. Let me know your thoughts on Vitruvi in the comments on my blog or via YouTube!

Thanks so much for watching! I hope that this review helps anyone out there who is in need of a diffuser, has been wondering if they should purchase from Vitruvi, or have recently purchased a Vitruvi diffuser and wanted to hear what someone else thought. Please feel free to let me know which products you’d like me to review in the future for this series! More to come soon. Until we meet again!