Our One Year Anniversary Celebration!

Steven and Me

November 5th of 2016, I became a couple with the most wonderful man I'll ever know. After a little over two months of dating and getting to know each other, while on a walk through the Mission Dolores neighborhood, I asked my dream guy if he'd make things official with me, and he said yes.

It's now a year later, and we've since traveled to all ends of the country together to meet each other's families and have set up a home together downtown. Our plans for our anniversary were a bit last minute, as we recently celebrated my birthday in Disneyland and had just settled in from many family obligations. "What to do," we thought.

Then Steven surprised me with tickets to Aladdin at the Orpheum Theatre near Civic Center! Being that I was born and raised a Disney girl (can you tell, considering where I spent my birthday?) I was ecstatic. Funny enough, when visiting New York in the last few years, I wasn't able to ever get tickets to see The Lion King or Aladdin on Broadway. But Steven made my dreams come true by not only treating me to see Aladdin for this anniversary, but The Lion King during our first Christmas as a couple. Nothing says romance more than surprising someone with an experience they've been anticipating for years.

So my contribution to the celebratory day was dinner at a place I've been wanting to take Steven for a while. Sutro's at San Francisco's historic Cliff House. I made my reservations at Open Table. Based on the form I filled out for my reservation, they took my tree nut allergy into consideration and wished us a Happy Anniversary before we left!


"Sutro's" at the Cliff House


We lucked out and got a window seat. We had the most incredible view of waves crashing diagonally against each other and of the cave at Sutro Baths.


First order of business was to get the champagne flowing. Two glasses of Moët & Chandon really complimented Steven's new mustache and glasses combo.


Mrs. Kasha Davis says there's always room for a cocktail, but I say there's always room for bread and butter.


Below is my delicious crab cake appetizer. Steven got a gorgeous tuna tartare tower, but the waiter mixed it with a fork for preparation before I could get a photo. Don't these people understand the concept of social media?!


Below is Steven's salmon on potatoes with slaw. Not a morsel was left on the plate.


And finally, my favorite Bay Area treat when I'm getting my seafood grub on, a Crab Louie salad. It almost feels like an insult to call something this beautiful and delicious a salad.


Finally, we finished off our evening with two chocolate lava cakes (Yes Steven had his own. We were not about to share one.) Steven also enjoyed a digestif brandy. 


Major kudos to the woman who took this photo of us outside the restaurant. She knows how to get a woman's best angle.

photo0 (1).jpg

Fun Fact: After our lovely dinner, we were sadly greeted by a not-so-celebratory parking ticket outside of the restaurant. We couldn't find main parking as there was a festival going on that day, so we parked with everyone else on the side of the road and got ticketed along with dozens of other cars. But we had Aladdin tickets to tend to, so we didn't have much time to mope about. 


Aladdin at the SHN Orpheum Theatre

I've had my eye on the Aladdin traveling Broadway show since the moment they set up the marquee. Not sure how many of you have seen or been aware of the Aladdin live show they did at Disney's California Adventures' Hyperion Theatre for many years, but I went to see it every visit of the park. Sometimes twice or three times in one visit. My parents and I adored the unique effects, the true to the movie telling of the story, and the Broadway quality of the set designs. 

So ever since then, I've been wanting to see the similarities and differences of that particular production and the one from Broadway. And this evening of celebration answered all of those questions. 

Below is our view of the stage from our seats!

Awesome loge view (Thank you Steven)

Awesome loge view (Thank you Steven)

Soon I'll be writing an article on the pros and cons of each difference between the two productions. In the meantime, let me entice you with the set photos of this beautiful production in the event that you want to take your sweetheart as well. 

Photo by SHN

Photo by SHN

Photo by SHN

Photo by SHN

Photo by SHN

Photo by SHN

It was a fabulous day out and about with my love and I have him to thank for the Aladdin tickets and incredible conversations that day. I hope you all have enjoyed this little taste of what we did to celebrate our first year together. If you'd like to keep up with what we're up to, don't forget to give me a like on Facebook to stay connected.