Hawai'i Snack Haul! Watch us taste-test foods from Marukai

Originally published August 8, 2017

Hey all! Long time no see! If you're wondering where I've been, Steven and I have recently taken a trip to Hawai'i to attend a family reunion of mine and sight-see. This is probably my twentieth time visiting Hawai'i, as I have gone every year since I was a child. And it was exciting to take Steven and show him all of the local eateries and stores.

Some of you may or may not have heard of an Asian grocery/homegoods store called Marukai. Yes, there are several locations...one of which is in the Bay Area. But the one in Honolulu has a very unique set of homegoods items and clearly lives in my heart seeing that I've been visiting it during every Hawai'i trip since I was a small child. So we visited it, coming across some nostalgic items in the snack section...and also some bizarre treats we wanted to share with you. I promise our reactions will not disappoint.

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Until we meet again!

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