If Rose from The Last Jedi looks familiar, here's where you've seen her before


If you've seen the latest installment to the Star Wars franchise known as "The Last Jedi," you have officially heard of the new character, Rose Tico. Hell, I first heard about her this past October when I was at Disneyland and saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "Rey&Finn&Kylo&Poe&Rose." 

And for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet (don't worry I won't spoil anything,) Rose is an active fighter in Leia's resistance, who has recently lost her sister in battle and feels the need to show the same level of dedication to the cause that her late sibling did. 

She is played by actress Kelly Marie Tran, who is notably the first Asian-American to have a prominent role in a Star Wars movie. And while I personally did not dig her character or plotline (which is more because of the writing of this film and not so much due to her performance,) I would be lying if I didn't say I was proud to see an Asian-American female in Star Wars. Especially one with immigrant parents who clearly wasn't born with the Hollywood silver spoon in her mouth. It's a big step in the right direction for Asian-American actors in general.

When I first saw her pop up in the film, my initial thought was "Oh, that's the girl from those online skits. Good for her for having a bit role in Star Wars." But then when I realized her name was Rose, the name printed on that man's Star Wars shirt, I realized just how much of a come up she has made since her viral YouTube video days. 

And if she looked familiar to you, perhaps you have seen some of her videos in the past from YouTube skit channel College Humor. While she's been featured in films such as Untouchable and XOXO, she'd probably be most recognized for the skits she'd been in, as those amassed millions of a views. 

Check out some of my favorite Kelly Marie Tran skits below! Her comedic timing is pretty spot-on and while I'm still on the fence about Rose Tico as a character, I am excited to see what Tran does in the future.

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