Laundry Folder | FlipFOLD

For many, it's hard to believe that someone who doesn't own t-shirts exists. But here I stand! It's true, I don't own any t-shirts. But my boyfriend being the techie he is, sure does! He is constantly repping his company and work team with their custom made tees. And that makes t-shirts about 30% of our laundry load. This means that in the past, I've sat there trying to fold t-shirts with pretty much no experience. And as you can imagine, it's pretty rough getting them uniform and flat.

I then decided to buy the beloved FlipFOLD, which you can see work its magic in the tutorial of below. It gets the t-shirts into the same size every time, and thanks to the holes in the product, it presses the shirts flat, to maximize space in your drawers.

I personally like to file Steven's shirts vertically, so that he can easily identify the one he needs from his drawer. See the video below for more info on how to create a shirt filing system. This kind of system takes minutes to set up, and minutes to maintain each laundry day, thanks to the FlipFOLD.