Minamoto Kitchoan Treats: San Francisco Holiday Gift Idea for Foodies


One of the most difficult things about the holiday season is coming up with what to get everyone in your life. Finding unique gifts people will truly appreciate can be a doozy.

This year for my birthday, my friend Claudia presented me with a box of treats for Steven and me to share. And I was excited to see that they were from Minamoto Kitchoan! For those of you who have never heard that name before, it’s that adorable Japanese treat boutique in the Financial District that many of us pass with much curiosity on the daily. For years I have been saying one day I’ll try them for myself, and finally I got to do so! And I’m happy to announce that they would make a fantastic gift for the holidays.

Every item in this box was so unique in taste and texture, that this variety box would be a hit with your foodie friends. They’d really get to try a variety of treats that no one else will be giving them this holiday season. And for those you know who are on the picky side, you can purchase them a la carte. Below is a detailed list of the items I received in this variety box and what to expect from them. I think I can safely say there’s something for everyone. Please note: their selection rotates throughout the months. Not everything I will be discussing will be on their website or in their stores at depending on the time of year.


Shocola Mikasa

Our first sweet treat is the one I think will be enjoyed by the most palates. And that’s obviously because it’s a double chocolate dessert. These two chocolately pancakes encase a rich creamy chocolate filling that puts whoopie pies to shame. This was Steven and my personal favorite of the bunch.



This treat is made up of two crunchy textured cookies with a vanilla butter cream in the center. It really reminds me of the flavor of cake butter cream frosting. I would say this is safe to get for everyone. The texture reminds me of an elevated version of those Hello Panda snacks. Buy this for absolutely anyone on your list who has a sweet tooth. They are also available in matcha flavor.



In our treat box, we also received two ayashirabes. Which were small Japanese cakes filled with bean paste. One was filled with a white bean paste, and the other a matcha flavored paste. I personally love the flavor of white bean paste, so for any mochi lovers you’re shopping for, that one is a winner. And of course, go for that vibrant green filling if you’re shopping for a friend who loves matcha flavored everything.



The final three items in our boxes were Minamoto Kitchoan’s infamous jellied desserts. Surprisingly, they have a long shelf life and are well contained in their packaging. I was worried about them busting as they’re so squishy you an almost hear them. But in true Japanese fashion, this company has the perfect casing for them that will not let a drop of goodness get away.

The two in the orange packaging are confirmed saisaika with a piece of loquat suspended in its jellies. The other one has a bit of a firmer texture, with what I believe is red bean paste suspended in its jelly. I believe the one in the yellow packaging will satisfy a lover of mochi. They’re very unique treats with unique presentation and complex texture, so I’d say save this snack for your most adventurous foodie friends. There’s definitely a lot to appreciate.


These require a little bit of work to get them out of their packaging


I hope you’ve enjoyed this review! In my opinion, treats are the perfect holiday gift in the city as everyone here loves to eat and it requires no storage once they’re finished. Thanks once again to Claudia for the opportunity to try them out. Happy holidays!