Target's Made By Design Collection Shop-With-Me Vlog

Steven and I recently visited a nearby suburban Target to check out their new trendy and modern collection, Made By Design. With minimalism and modern decor being as popular as ever, it's no surprise that Target couldn't resist getting on board.

When we moved into our apartment last June, I started decorating the place with minimalistic decor and supplies I found from The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, over 30 boutiques and several international online stores. So I am well versed when it comes to what stylish options are out there, and for what kind of quality and price. So I went through every item from the Made By Design collection I could find at this particular Target location and put together a shop-with-me video, where I tell you what I really think about what I saw. The hard and honest truth.

Overall I wasn't impressed with this collection's combination of quality and price. But a few items did impress me. I also posted an article of 5 items that I would recommend based on what I saw.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you agree with my thoughts on the collection? Is there a product from it you love that wasn't available at my Target? Follow me on any of the platforms below to keep updated on future posts. Until next time!