Weekend Vlog #1 | Santa Cruz Getaway


It’s no secret that my boyfriend Steven and I have a ridiculously good time when we’re together. Anyone who’s ever known us individually will tell you that we have strong opinions on absolutely every topic, that only get stronger when we’re together. We like to think of ourselves as witty, although that’s completely subjective.

But the fact is, when we go out for the day or away for a weekend, there is always fun to be had and places to be explored. So we have begun vlogging. A couple of months ago, we visited Santa Cruz CA – a place I’ve been lucky to have explored many times in the pastas one of my best friends used to live there – and I was able to show Steven the wonders of the Mystery Spot, Brazilian brunch spots, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and Pacific Avenue, where we ran into a mob of protestors on Inauguration Day.

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