Our San Luis Obispo Getaway

This past weekend, Steven and I finished off our Valentine's Day celebration with a trip to San Luis Obispo County. We kept things picturesque at an isolated Airbnb, and played tourist doing the things most recommended to us on this romantic President's Day weekend getaway.


Our Arroyo Grande Airbnb

Affordable, quaint and secluded

At first I was afraid, I was petrified...to stay in what was described to me on Airbnb as "in the middle of nowhere." As you know, I've been a city girl for 7 years with my prior 18 years of life spent in suburbia, where you could hear your neighbor sneeze in the next house. So I'm not accustomed to being out in an isolated area. However Steven's family lived in a woodsy area for many years, so he assured me there was nothing to worry about. Plus, it was a killer deal for something so close to Pismo Beach.

The home belongs to a metal artist (that's the material metal not the musical genre) named Jan and her husband. Large metal figures of people and animals surround the home, and rolling green hills inhabited by horses and bison surround the property. And at night, you can hear coyotes howling and other small animals bustling around. A highlight of our trip was when Steven had to slow the car down on our way to town to let a bird with nest twigs in its mouth pass by foot. I definitely recommend this unique experience for anyone exploring this part of California.



Ventana Grill and Taste


Of the several places we got to eat at on this trip, there were two that stood out to us.

The first one was Ventana Grill. Known to be one of the best dining experiences in Pismo Beach, this beautiful restaurant is located right next to the water, making for a glistening moonlit experience. That night we ordered two appetizers and two entrees, thinking they'd be San Francisco-sized. When we realized that portions in Pismo Beach are average-sized, we knew we'd be in for leftovers galore.  

The Sopa Azteca, recommended to us by our Airbnb hosts, and my favorite part of the meal

The Sopa Azteca, recommended to us by our Airbnb hosts, and my favorite part of the meal

The delicious burger. Once again, recommended by our Airbnb hosts

The delicious burger. Once again, recommended by our Airbnb hosts

Another place we had the pleasure of checking out was Taste!, a small-plate style restaurant recommended by a co-worker of Steven's. It lived up to the hype as the food was delicious and the perfect size for a little afternoon nosh 


Hearst Castle

Since Steven hadn't ever been to San Luis Obispo County and I hadn't been since I was a pre-teen, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take him to Hearst Castle.


For those of you who don't know, William Randolph Hearst was a businessman, newspaper publisher and member of the House of Representatives who is best known for building a castle-like mansion on a 240,000 acre ranch in San Simeon. Its unique location with fabulous views of the hills and the ocean, mixed with its luxurious amenities and culturally diverse build/decor made it a desirable location for the political and Hollywood elite to visit. Over time it has become a major tourist attraction, giving everyone who visits a peek into the lives of the rich and powerful.


Steven was impressed, but also wished that Hearst had themed each room to fit a different culture's decor aesthetic, rather than jumble all the themes' and cultures' decor into every room. 



Pismo Beach

As mentioned in my Valentine's Day gift article, part of my contribution to our trip was a brand new cooler and a versatile adventure blanket called the Kachula. It was meant to inspire more hiking and beach trips and came in handy during our time staying near Pismo Beach. All we had to do was drive 15 minutes from our Airbnb and we got to witness this gorgeous sunset.



There Will Be Blood

Our movie in...because it was fitting

Ok so this movie wasn't really shot in San Luis Obispo County, but the story took place there. So we cozied up after a long day out and about, listened to the sounds of the coyotes outside and re-watched this classic. Me for the second time, Steven for the 100th.

After seeing the enormous wealth of William Randolph Hearst and witnessing the unique choices our Airbnb hosts could make with their wide property, it really got us thinking of how limitless this area can be. And There Will Be Blood is the perfect film to symbolize that. These lands were fruitful for oil drilling and to this day is known for its wealthy and powerful inhabitants who have benefitted from the generations who came before. Let's just say it got us thinking ambitious thoughts.




Bubblegum Alley

To which we made a contribution

We decided to leave our mark in SLO by adding two pieces of watermelon-flavored Extra gum to the infamous Bubblegum Alley downtown. For years, Cal Poly students and tourists have added wads of ABC bubblegum to the walls of this narrow alleyway. They've also used gum to create little pictures and shapes, spell out their initials, and create the Greek symbols for their sororities and fraternities. Gross, but fun to check out.


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